Update on our trip to Delaware

Hello everyone,

Two more days until we leave for our big trip to Delaware for Jude’s MRI and appointments at AI DuPont Nemours Children’s Hospital. We’ve been waiting for this MRI for quite sometime and pray that it will give us the answers we need to a lot of unknowns.

We are so appreciative of all your love, prayers and support. We do have some prayer points we would like to share. Please pray for safe travels and also that Jude would do well on the road and not deal with pain. It is eleven hours of driving one way and although we break it up and stop halfway to sleep, it’s still a lot for Jude’s little spine. Pray for good reports and clear answers. Pray that Jude does well with anesthesia and for wisdom for doctors, nurses and anesthesiologists who will be present with him during that time. Pray for strength and peace for Sully and I as it is never easy watching him go under anesthesia and it breaks our hearts every single time. Sitting in the waiting room always feels like forever.

Jude will also be seeing the phenomenal therapy department while we are there and they are so amazing at thinking outside the box and creating new things for Jude. They are talking about trying overhead arm slings that will attach to his wheelchair and help him with movement! Sounds really exciting. He’s always such a champ and is always up to trying new things.

We experience multiple expenses due to traveling with Jude and all that entails. We appreciate your consideration of support as every penny really does help us with the various financial demands. If you feel led to donate you can do so here – Crowdrise

We will keep you updated as best we can! We love you all and know we couldn’t do all of this without your amazing love and support.

Much love,
The Peters Family



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