Happy Father’s Day

From the first moment I broke the news to you and you wrapped me in your arms and lifted me off my feet with joy and laughter that may have also come with some shock over our unexpected and perfect surprise “Jude”. From that very day, you became a wonderful daddy. Before you even knew his name, you loved him with such a fierce love. 
Our journey with parenthood quickly came with heartbreak and fear. I’ll never forget the way you stood strong in your faith and believed for the best even when they told us to prepare for the worst. Every scary appointment you stood strong in your faith and you held my hand.  

I’ll also never forever the day I was rushed to the hospital 32 weeks pregnant and I almost lost Jude. I was terrified and in such pain and then you came rushing in by my side with tears running down your face although it was also filled with so much strength and grace. You brought me peace. You took on strength for the three of us as you fell by my side in prayer and fought for all of us.    

Walking down that bright hospital hall to meet our Jude was terrifying as we were told to prepare for the worst but you stayed strong the entire time. You prayed as you held my hand and you gave me the motivation to bring him into the world as your faith in me gave me the strength to do so. The look on your face when you saw his for the first time will forever be burned into my memory. Our miracle entered our world and he was a fighter like his daddy from the very first breath he took. My love for you grew so much stronger and you looked more perfect to me than ever before. I watched you step into your new role with such great faith, joy, pride, love and peace. 

Through all the medical prognosis’s, procedures, surgeries, MRIs, ambulance rides and sleepless days and nights with our boy in a hospital bed you have been a foundation of strength for us. Every prayer you have prayed blesses me. Every tear you have cried although it has broken me in ways, it also reveals to me the love you have for Jude. When he hurts your heart feels with him and when he’s laughing on cloud nine, you’re lit up with more joy than ever. 

Jude can’t talk yet you understand him so well. You know his cries, his cues, his laughs and his expressions. You know his ways of telling you he loves you. 
We have heard 100 times from people and different doctors about how Jude isn’t average. The way that you always make things work perfectly for Jude melts me completely. You have done everything to have a perfect father son relationship and you never make Jude feel like he can’t do things. The way you believe in him is so inspiring. And the things he has a hard time with, you do it for him. You’re his strength. You’re his joy. You’re his motivation. 

I learn from the two of you every single day. You have taught me so much more about the fathers love for us by demonstrating that same love with Jude, you have taught me to have joy amongst the storm, you have taught me that everything is possible even if it’s not absolutely perfect and you have taught me how to fight.

The love you have for Jude and the love he has for you is breathtaking and perfect. 
You’re a hero. You’re a wonderful daddy and I am so blessed to be on this journey with you. Happy Father’s Day, babe! Jude is blessed to have you as his daddy, pal, playmate, protector and hero ❤️ 


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