For over two years this cozy room has been home. At 32 weeks of pregnancy with Jude I was put on bedrest and we moved in with my parents. They gave as a cozy space to make our own and it certainly served us well. This is the room I would lay in for hours and anticipate life with Jude. The room I spent days and nights praying over his precious life along with our family. The room I daydreamed about his little face. This is the room I came home to and found comfort after scary doctors appointments. The room we set up as Jude’s nursery and hung his name on that wall and his “Brave Little Warrior” banner. We tucked away his tiny clothes and set up his cozy crib. We made it such a perfectly sweet nursery and Jude loved every moment of it, as well as us. This is the room we brought baby Jude home to from the hospital and it instantly became his place of comfort. This is the room I learned to be a mama in, I spent nights nursing him in, I rocked him many hours in, we took many naps together in and I stayed up many nights with him in. This is the room where grandma and grandpa came and said goodnight to him every night. The room grandma would rock him in to give a very tired mommy and daddy some rest. This is the room Lucy spent everyday with us in. We watched Jude achieve many milestones in this room and we all danced around it with each one. We’ve spent many nights praying over him, reading him stories and singing to him here. He has had countless therapies here and nursing visits. This is room paramedics rushed to his side in but the same room he thankfully came back to. He had many photo shoots and news stories in this room. He had comfort, joy love and many fun times here. Although we had to downsize and put our belongings in storage and sometimes space became a challenge, this room became much more than just our room…it became home. The home we joyfully came back to after each hospitalization, long trips and long days. It was certainly cozy and lovely. It holds such precious memories and will always mean so much to us. It will always be Jude’s first cozy home. Thankful I can still always come back with Jude and remember all the memories we made here together and even make new ones as they are now turning it into a room for the grand babies. Today is bittersweet as we say goodbye to our first home and say hello to a new house that will be our new home. The end of a beautiful chapter and the beginning of another. Thank you to my wonderful parents and Jude’s grandparents for giving us these perfect memories. Thankful we are only FIVE MINUTES AWAY!!! 🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼 


6 thoughts on “Home 

  1. What a beautiful little place to be. It’s wonderful to have family so close and who love Jude as much as you. We’ve watched Jude grow, but we’ve watched you grow. You have matured in courage and strength. Allowing us to be a part of your lives has been such a blessing. My mom always asks about Jude. I pray blessings would be poured out on your family

  2. What a wonderful room you had in the place you called home. Now Jude will make wonderful memories in his home. You have wonderful and caring parents. Best to you and your family as you start another chapter in Jude’s life. He is Loved.

  3. I love how grateful you always are for all the help your parents have given you. Don’t look at it as your leaving. Look at it as expanding !!! You now have two homes full of love and happiness 💖

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