I promise. 

You have always loved music. I imagine if you had the ability to, you would get up and dance.

The outdoors always bring a smile to your sweet face and makes your tiny heart race. I imagine if you could, you would get up and run really fast.

I see your little lips trying to form words when you see your mommy and daddy and I know that if you could, you would call us by name and tell us how you love us.

I see you try to form words when a song comes on and I imagine your voice would be the absolute best.

I can’t give you everything my heart desires to give you but I can promise to do my best.

I promise to pick you up when the music is playing and sway to the rhythm so you can feel the dance. I promise to hold you up in the air so you can feel the refreshing breeze on your face. I promise to hold you tightly to my chest and sing to you so you can feel the words forming into a song. I promise to be and do anything you can’t. I will be your dance, your song, your steps, your voice and anything else you need me to be. I will be everything for you. It’s the least I can do for someone who is everything to me.

I love you, Jude ❤️


15 thoughts on “I promise. 

  1. God gave you Jude for a reason. I am so happy that you share your son with all of his adopted family. He let’s us see God in him everyday. He puts our hearts in the right place and makes us all smile. Thank you Hannah and family. God bless you all.

  2. How beautiful! Everytime I see a picture of his cute feet, I want to tickle them!! Thank you for sharing him with all of us! He sure has changed me for the better. ❤️

  3. This is the most absolutely beautiful promise I have ever heard. Jude is so special and you are blessed to be his Mama, Hannah. But he is ever so blessed to have you as his mother. You are a true inspiration.

  4. You touch my heart when you speak of your son and the joy he brings you. The Promise is the best definition of being a mother that I have ever heard. God Bless you both.

  5. I think you are such an amazing Mom. My heart swells when I see the love he has in his eyes for you. He may not be able to physically speak, but he definitely communicates his love. He is an amazing little boy who has become a part of my life. He is loved by so many, and he loves in return. I can’t wait to see his daily activities. I cannot wait until there is a cure.

  6. What a beautiful recognition. So eloquently written. Jude has brought forth so many wonderful expressions in you. Thank you for allowing the Lord to live in and love through you. It’s remarkably praiseworthy as a tribute to His grace and ability to help rise above every circumstance. In stead, you see things from God’s perspective and as opportunities to turn all things into good.

  7. Hannah you are such a wonderful mother! Jude is a fortunate boy,to have you as his mom! He is a precious gift. It makes me cry to think of all the precious little ones that are being swept into eternity every day without any regard for who they are.One of our son’s adopted a little girl when she was 20 months she has cerebral palsy. She is 14 and in a wheelchair. She is so precious to us. He finally had another little girl who is now 4 who is his only biological. He is an awesome dad and loves children so much. Then we have another son who does not have any and it hurts him so much he can’t talk about it. Yet,,so many children are being discarded yes and murdered by the very people who were meant to protect them. Thank God for parents like you and your husband. I pray blessings on all of you today. I do know that the greatest reward will be when you stand in God’s presence, for you are increasing your talents largely every day and He will entrust much more into your keeping in the heavenly home!

  8. Just read this for the first time today! How beautifully spoken your words to Jude. I’ve seen what you say about him expressing things. I think he does it with those beautiful eyes. Sometimes when I look at his pictures I can almost hear him. God has certainly put the three of you together for a reason. You are the essence of his love. Thank you for sharing Jude with all of us. It makes us want to be better persons. May God continue to bless you and your family.

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