My joy

Sitting here rocking my sweet Jude at 12:00 am. because I can’t bring myself to put him down in his bed. He’s wide awake and staring right at my face. His eyes are so full of joy and sparkle all the time, he always has the most precious smiles to share with everyone, he laughs and talks every single day, he lights up when he sees his family, he loves worship music, he loves to cuddle and he loves anything that lights up. This baby wakes up smiling every single morning. Doctors and nurses fall in love with him because even after surgeries he greets them with a smile.

He has intense therapy every week and I see the pain he faces. I also have seen him go through surgeries, spinal taps, IV’s, sleep studies, MRI’s, X-rays, catheters, blood tests and many other things. And through it all he never loses his joy. He is filled with joy.

When I look at Jude that is one word that always pops in my head “joy”
He is teaching me to have joy in every situation because no matter how hard this journey may be, we have each other, we have LIFE and we have joy. Thankful that The Lord has used my sweet boy to teach me so many things. He is my joy.

I love you my sweet Jude ❤️ You will always bring me great joy.

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2 thoughts on “My joy

  1. I saw the photo posted yesterday of his occupational therapy. I saw his open hand, with his skin “wrinkled” I imagine due to the tight inward curvature. I can’t imagine that to be pain-free. In fact, Jude had a serious face. Yet I sensed serenity also.
    I find that astounding, miraculous, and a joy to see. And sure enough — photos next showed that joyous face back.
    He’s teaching you joy, I hear you. Know that he is teaching me joy — which was slipping out of my heart partially due to 20+ years of 24/7 chronic pain. Jesus is using your little “perfectly formed” Jude to find joy in the midst of pain.
    Baby Jude is not destined for great things. He is right now doing great things in the power of Jesus name.
    We pray for you, Sully, Baby Jude, both of your extended families, continually, with boldness before the throne of grace. Thank you, Jesus!!!

  2. I just wanted to say in response to your update that I get that I totally see his joy as well. In fact it was the reason I started following you. I would see his little picture come up on Facebook through friends feeds and he made me smile every time. I didn’t know any of the details until I decided to follow him. I smile every time I see him, he brings joy to my soul. So I just wanted to say thank you for sharing that joy with me. No matter how I’m feeling he brings a smile to my face.
    God Bless your little family.

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