Nine months

I can’t believe my baby is already nine months old! I have officially been carrying him in my arms for the same amount of time I carried him in my womb. Nine months ago today, I gave birth to a miracle, a warrior and the sweetest baby. I’ll never forget walking those hospital halls and fighting back the fear of losing my baby. After twenty hours of labor, I heard the cry I longed to heard, the cry they prepared me not to hear. I took one look at his perfect face and I was undone, overwhelmed and completely captivated by his beauty. They placed his tiny fragile body on my chest and it became painful to breathe. I never understood what it truly meant to have your breath taken away until that moment. From those first few moments with him, I knew he was destined for something incredible, something I could not even fathom. I knew he was a strong fighter and he would continue to fight. I knew from that moment forward that I was a completely different person. They told us before he even went home that he most likely wouldn’t live long and as much as those words broke my heart, I knew he was meant to be here and his life would be a testimony of the goodness of God. Jude is nine months old today and filled with LIFE. He is thriving and fighting. He has an army of people who constantly surround him with love and prayers. I get letters about how he has touched people’s hearts and changed lives and I smile because I knew before he was even born, he would speak to the nations. I can’t even put into words how honored I feel to be a mom to such a beautiful miracle. He has made me a better person, he has taught me the significance of life, he has taught me to fight, he has healed so many places in my heart and he has filled my days with complete joy. I love you my Juju bear with every ounce of my being Keep fighting my Brave Little Warrior boy. I’m so proud of who you are. ‪



2 thoughts on “Nine months

  1. Hannah, This is precious! Thank you for sharing your story and that beautiful little Warrior’s smile! I have sent you a couple of personal messages on FB, but I’m not sure if you will see them because I am just a follower and not a friend. Anyway, God has been laying your family heavily on my heart. If you have time to read the messages and let me know your thoughts, that would be great. I know your life is a little consumed at the moment. Know you are being prayed for! God Bless, Ambia

  2. He is a gift from God! Yes he is touching Nations,thank you for being such an awesome mom! God knew whose arms to put this baby in! Blessings!

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