A New Year

2014 was defiantly a year of trials and heartache but also a year of healing and miracles. I had the scariest day of my life when my water broke at 32 weeks at my baby shower. I was rushed to the hospital and almost lost my baby that day. They prepped me for s c-section and after many prayers, a miracle happened and I carried him all the way to 40 weeks. Thoughout my entire pregnancy and scares with Jude and hearing from all the doctors that he may not live, The Lord continued to promise me that he would and he did! He took the first breath on his own and we heard his cry. We welcomed our living, breathing miracle into the world and he has already become a world changer with his amazing testimony of his LIFE. Then my sweet baby nephew was born and completely captured my heart! He will forever be Jude’s friend and protector and I am so thankful for that. My sister and I became moms together and it has been amazing sharing this journey with her. My relationship with my sister Ashton has become deeper than ever and The Lord has really mended our hearts. She has become such a wonderful and loving auntie and would do anything for her nephews. I also had the heartache of saying bye to my best friend and watched her move away to Colorado. But our relationship has stood even in the distance and now she is married and having a baby! We get to be mommy’s together and I am so very excited about it. In 2015 we will be welcoming their little Sugar baby. My amazing friend that lives far away from me in Australia came and stayed with me twice and we had such an incredible time together and our friendship feels stronger now than ever. My husband and I said goodbye to our first place together but my wonderful parents welcomed our family into their home to live and it has helped us tremendously with the care of Jude and it has been such an incredible blessing. My parents became grandparents for the first time! This has been a dream for them and it has come true. They are such incredible grandparents and love these boys so very much. Their love for the boys is amazing. This year has been filled with many doctors appointments, travels to Delaware, therapies, hospital stays and surgeries. Jude has been hospitalized 9 times this year and had 4 surgeries. But he has always shown strength and bravery. I have shared this entire journey with my amazing husband and best friend by my side. He has held me up in the hardest times and rejoiced with my in the victories. Seeing him become a daddy to our baby has made me love him more and more everyday. The way he fights for Jude is amazing. I am so very thankful for all the amazing people that I have in my life. I can’t wait to see what 2015 will bring!








2 thoughts on “A New Year

  1. Oh Hannah, I just love your family and following your story!! Jude and your whole family are so inspiring! I admire your strength so much. Praying for great things for you in 2015! By the way, I saw at the bottom of this post that his due date was April 20th. Was he born on that date? That’s my wedding anniversary. 🙂

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