Different not disposable

I recently read a story about a mother who drowned her baby girl in the bath tub. Her pediatrician noticed her long bones looked a little shortened and mentioned that it could be possible that she had a form of dwarfism. The mom couldn’t handle the fact that her daughter would have this because it didn’t fit into her idea of “perfect” so she killed her. The baby didn’t even end up having a form of dwarfism.

When I was pregnant with Jude and going to several different specialist and having to talk to many genetics counselors, I was told more than once that I should abort and try again because my baby didn’t fit under the “normal” category. They looked down on me for saying no to abortion and acted as if I was a horrible person for bringing Jude into the world.

Babies are killed daily because their parents hear they could have something wrong with them so they just end their life. An innocent, beautiful and God given life, gone because they didn’t fit into what society sees as “normal.”

This is the way I see it. It is 100% the medical professionals that stand for and support this atrocity. They deem those who decide to have and keep their children with genetic disorders as abnormal. Having the blood shed of an innocent baby on your hands, whose life you stole from them because it didn’t fit into your idea of “perfection”, this is what is NOT NORMAL.

My own baby has a form of dwarfism. We have our battles but Jude is happy just like any other baby. He is joyful and loving. He is absolute perfection.

Having Jude’s life here has done amazing things. His story has changed hearts and lives. It has been a story of hope to the hopeless. It has been a story of miracles. It has brought joy to all who know him. His life has mended relationships and brought healing. Jude was created for a purpose! I believe every life is. There is no such thing as an abnormal baby.

For you created my inmost being;
you knit me together in my mother’s womb.I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made;
your works are wonderful,
I know that full well.
Psalm 139:13-14

Every good and perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father of the heavenly lights, who does not change like shifting shadows.
James 1:17


7 thoughts on “Different not disposable

  1. That is so beautiful and so true! I would have done exactly the same as you have! There is NO WAY I would be able to abort my child, no matter what! I am so happy that I found you and your beautiful baby boy on Facebook. I look forward to seeing his precious face every day. Thank you for sharing him with ALL of us!

  2. Amen!! So wonderful said!! I look forward to all the updates on Baby Jude – seeing his precious face in my Facebook feed brings me joy and makes me smile many times a day. Thank you for choosing life for Jude – he is a beautiful gift from God and I am so grateful he is here. Thank you for sharing your story in an honest and God-honoring way. My prayers are with you all!

  3. Praise the Lord Hannah!     It is so good to know there are people who still believe in the sanctity of life.   I agree every life has a purpose and only God determines it; we are created in His likeness and His image.   It gives me much joy to watch Jude grow and go through different stages.   His life truly has been an inspiration to me. In 1977 and 1979 I aborted two babies because I was not married; today I still am not married to any earthly man but I am married to my Husbandman Jesus since 1998  and He has forgiven the crimes I committed against those two innocent lives.  I don’t know why I am sharing that today as very few people know it but I know Jesus changed my life when I repented of my sins and accepted Him into my heart.   For many years I tried to deal with guilt and condemnation but when I came to Jesus He took all that away.   My heart still aches and yearns to see my babies, to feel their touch, to feel their breath and to see them grow but that will not be on this earth.   I will see them in heaven and I love them as though they were with me.   Specially at Christmastime, birthday time, baby dedications, and other special occasions my heart still aches but Jesus is the mender of the broken hearts.   I am confident that He has forgiven me and my prayer is that I will be used for His glory to save at least one baby from the horrible death through abortion.   Nobody can ever imagine how it feels or what the mother — or father who is often not considered — goes through after making such decisions.    I know there is a very special plan and purpose for baby Jude and he is already fulfilling it in being such an inspiration to so many people.    Will continue to pray for you and am excited to see what God is doing in your lives every day.    I attend the church where your Dad ministers at our conferences in St. John’s, Nl, Canada and am blessed to have him and all your family in our lives.  We feel you are all part of our church family and stand with you in agreement for many more miracles.God Bless and Merry Christmas to all of you    🙂  Marlene Hollett

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  4. Hannah. I just wanted to say your boy is absolutely a joy for us to see on Facebook and hear about his progress, my husband and I both follow you and your families story of Jude’s life thus far. I can see your a great mom and most certainly understand circumstances where you could easily abort and try again my son was not sick but he was conceived from a one night stand and even when my own mother implied I could abort or put him up for adoption. I knew I could never give my child up to anyone he was mine no matter who fathered him. It’s been two and a half years and he is the joy of my life and my husbands who met me when I was still pregnant and we were married when he was only 4 months old and now he has adopted him. We now have a 7 1/2 month old second son and the Lord blessed my life with my husband and our two boys! Don’t ever give up on your boy and consider it all joy everything you walk through for and with him! I’m proud of you and your husband! Prayers for you and your family! Keep your faith and trust in Jesus Christ!

  5. So nice written!
    I heard of your boy from some friends and found your blog this morning. Jude is so cute and has the perfect mom and dad.
    We have 3 children( 7,9 and 11 yo) and our youngest dauther has a rare syndrom that makes her delayed, she is soon 8 yo and at the size at a normal 3 yo. But she`s a blessing! What ever people think, the same God who blessed us with this little special girl, also gave her a gift to always be happy. I know one day, she`ll start talking normal, have no problem to do anything other children do and the epilesy will be gone. Actually the last months the teachers have seen a realy change, everyone coments it. I know it`s beacuse of prayers.
    Keep on praying, keep on hoping and keep on beliving that God will do a miracle!

    I wish you and your family a blessed christmas and a blessed new year.

  6. Oh sweet Hannah. Wise beyond your years. Your boy is so special and purposed and I say without hesitation the I love him so. Your Instagram is the highlight of my day, because his smile is golden and with four boys of my own I find myself completely smitten with yours. I admire your heart and the way Jesus is all over this. Praying for your little Jude. Keep sharing your story. It’s beautiful! And I have no doubt that lives will be forever changed because of your obedient brave heart to speak out. Love all of this. Absolutely love you.

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