Three little warriors

Yesterday was a special day. Jude got to be with two other RCDP babies.

When Jude was diagnosed with RCDP and I first publicly released it on Facebook, Heather Anderson (Justice’s mom) was one of the first RCDP moms to reach out to me. She was able to fill me with hope. I got to see her sweet Justice and to see and hear about how much of a fighter he was really did fill me with hope. Justice is a strong fighter. His momma is also so very strong. She certainly fights for her baby and the love she displays for him is simply incredible. When Jude was just two weeks old, Heather and Justice came to meet us and I instantly fell in love with Justice. His sweetness is incredible.

Shortly after Jude was born, I heard of another RCDP baby being born. This was kind of crazy because I kept hearing how rare it was. So to have them arrive so close together was so crazy. I remember when Jude was diagnosed how thankful I was to hear from other moms that were in the same situation as me. They showed me so much love and support and welcomed me right on into the rhizo family. I was glad that I now could be one of those moms to reach out to Barb Anderson (Lucas’s mom) I have followed Lucas and prayed for him since the very beginning of his life. I grew to love him through his photos. It has been refreshing having Barb there to understand what it’s like to be walking this same journey at the same exact time. I am thankful for her and her sweet Lucas. He is also such a strong little fighter. I got quality cuddle time with him and he completely captured my heart. I love Lucas Michael.

These baby boys show so much joy, they show so much strength and so much love. How blessed we are to love on them, take care of them and rejoice over their lives. I just absolutely love these sweet babies and their amazing mamas. IMG_2044-0.JPG IMG_2045-0.JPG IMG_2046-0.JPG IMG_2043-0.JPG IMG_2048-0.JPG IMG_2127-0.JPG IMG_2047-0.JPG IMG_2128-0.JPG IMG_2130-0.JPG IMG_2131-0.JPG IMG_2129-0.JPG IMG_2132-0.JPG IMG_2134-0.JPG IMG_2133-0.JPG IMG_2135-0.JPG IMG_2136-0.JPG IMG_2138-0.JPG IMG_2139-0.JPG IMG_2137-0.JPG IMG_2140-0.JPG IMG_2142.JPG IMG_2141.JPG IMG_2143.JPG IMG_2144.JPG IMG_2145.JPG IMG_2147.JPG IMG_2148.JPG IMG_2146.JPG IMG_2153.JPG IMG_2151.JPG IMG_2152.JPG IMG_2150.JPG IMG_2154.JPG IMG_2156-0.JPG IMG_2157.JPG IMG_2155.JPG IMG_2159.JPG IMG_2158.JPG IMG_2160.JPG IMG_2161.JPG


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