I Chose Life

I’m currently sitting beside my beautiful baby watching him sleep and listening to him take each breath. I wake up everyday amazed and thankful that he took his first breath and that he is still breathing.

As most of you know, early on in my pregnancy they started to see all the signs that Jude had a form of skeletal dysplasia. From then on, I was strongly encouraged to terminate and try again. I was told things such as “you’re young, you can just try again”, “what quality of life do you think this baby will have?”, “do you really want to make this baby live like this?”, “this is not your normal baby”.
I was frowned on and looked down upon by medical professionals for choosing to give Jude a chance at life.

They then started telling me things such as “you need to prepare for the worst, this baby may not live”, “he may not be able to breath on his own”, “his skull and chest may not develop properly to hold his organs”. Did all of these horrific words terrify me? ABSOLUTELY. But it was then while I had to attend all those appointments and listen to all the negative things that I decided to listen to God and believe for a miracle rather than to sit back and listen to the doctors. So I continued to prepare for Jude. I still bought clothes, nursery decor and everything else a baby may need.

I’m not going to give the whole story again, as I have already shared it on my blog. I just want to give an update of how Jude has changed my life through his strength and bravery.

Jude was born perfectly beautiful on April 17th and he was breathing on his own, and since then has continued to do so. He has been diagnosed with Rhizomelic Chondrodysplasia Punctata which they say is a lethal form of skeletal dysplasia. They sent Jude home on hospice and morphine, which we immediately decided to terminate.

Jude has beat the odds and done the opposite of what they thought he could ever do. Yes, we have everyday challenges and he does have many obstacles to face. But I can proudly say I have watched him fight and get through this with such strength.

Jude has enormously strengthened my faith and taught me so much more about the Father’s love for us. He has given me a new hope I never had before and he has strengthened my heart. I am so grateful that I was one of the mothers who said no to the doctors and chose to give this innocent baby a chance at LIFE.

It breaks my heart for the other young moms out there who are told these things by medical professionals and actually listen. They are not always right and God is truly the ultimate physician. I am forever grateful that because of my Christian faith and trust in The Lord, I chose life. By giving Jude a chance at life it has so strongly changed mine and given me the world. I love you sweet Jude ❤️

Every baby deserves a chance at life. CHOOSE LIFE!

“I’ve noticed that everyone who is for abortion has already been born.” – Ronald Reagan

“Even the smallest person can change the course of the future.” ― J.R.R. Tolkien


13 thoughts on “I Chose Life

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  2. Your baby is beautiful and I am so happy that you chose life. God is all loving and we know he has a call and purpose for Jude.

  3. Praise God! I know the days are full of challenges but Father will walk you through it and bless you for bringing Jude into this world and valuing His values over the worldly values.

    Praying for you and your family, covering Jude and claiming health.

  4. What a beautiful testimony! I’ve been following Jude’s story and look forward to seeing his daily photo and reading your entries. My beautiful son, Cavan, was born this December 30 and was diagnosed with achondroplasia. We knew at 27 weeks there were growth issues but weren’t certain it was a form of dwarfism until week 32. It wasn’t until after he was born and we saw his precious hands that we knew he had achondroplasia. It was then confirmed by a genetic blood test. The three months waiting were very difficult for us. But through faith in Gods promises we held on and got through it and now are amazed daily at how this experience has not only strengthened our faith and walk with The Lord but has been a huge blessing. We are forever changed. How great is our God that he never leaves us and never forsakes us? He IS an awesome God. I myself have been working on my own family blog and at some point will make it public. I believe so strongly now that “revelations come with a corresponding responsibility” -(L.B. Cowman) and you are blessing others greatly by sharing where your faith has brought you.
    “What I tell you in the dark, speak in the daylight; what is whispered in your ear, proclaim from the roofs.” -Matthew 10:27
    Much love,
    Tana Cox

  5. I am so happy you chose life  🙂    You are blessed with a beautiful baby boy who has a special destiny.   Believing for more intensified miracles in his life. God Bless you and all your family


  6. Hannah, every time I see an update on Jude, I nearly weep with joy. He is a fighter and a strong little guy, and I believe He is already changing lives. So thankful you said yes to this journey that God is taking you on.

  7. Beautiful! Looking forward to all that God has in store for Jude in the days to come! Blessings to you for choosing LIFE, thus choosing GOD first! May His richest blessings be yours! Much Love.

  8. He is absolutely beautiful and perfect, and I am so thankful for your strength! I know God has amazing plans for Jude. I love following his updates and seeing his picture. Thank you so much for sharing him with us … seeing him in my newsfeed always brightens my day. Still praying for y’all daily, and thankful that you’re my family in Christ!

  9. You are such an inspiration! The Facebook updates of your little guy bring a smile to my face every day. He is truly a miracle. Praying for you- May God bless your faith and perseverance!

  10. Thank you, Hannah. This is such an encouraging message of God’s love and faithfulness when you chose to trust Him for the gift of life for baby Jude!

  11. If you don’t like abortions, good for you. Don’t tell other people what do to. Don’t force your own morals and religion on other people, because what you think is “right” is different from what I think is “right”.

  12. Abortion is not a moral or a belief, it is simply murder. Whenever your choice effects another human being it is no longer your choice anymore – and it’s not “your right”…You are making a decision for someone else’s life who doesn’t have the ability to make their own choice – you are taking the life of an innocent human. If you were to shoot a random person in the head it would be the exact same thing, murder, not free will.

    I feel the greatest destroyer of peace today is ‘Abortion’, because it is a war against the child… A direct killing of the innocent child, ‘Murder’ by the mother herself… And if we can accept that a mother can kill even her own child, how can we tell other people not to kill one another? How do we persuade a woman not to have an abortion? As always, we must persuade her with love… And we remind ourselves that love means to be willing to give until it hurts…”
    ― Mother Teresa

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