One week

A week ago today, we met the love of our life ❤️ After 19 hours of hard labor I will never forget the feeling I felt when they handed me my beautiful and perfect baby boy. All the pain and worry suddenly disappeared and in that moment my life was forever changed. My heart knew a new meaning to fierce love it had never felt before. Looking into that beautiful face for the first time and hearing his beautiful voice is the most unforgettable moment of my life, right then and there he had me wrapped around his finger. It’s only been one week and he has already had to get through some intense battles. Watching his pain and sometimes fear breaks my heart but seeing his bravery and strength steadies my heart again. I never knew something so tiny and delicate could be such a fighter, but Jude Sullivan IS a fighter. He is so fearfully and wonderfully made! I am so proud to be his momma. We have received some scary reports and then some great. We are told this journey we are about to start could be long and hard but he gives me peace. No mom would ever want to watch her baby go through this and I have my moments of questioning “why him” but I know The Lord has us in his hands and I know he has amazing plans for his life. While I was still pregnant someone told me Jude would speak to the nations, one week old and he already has. So today I am going to celebrate one week of LIFE and the health he does have. Please continue to keep our sweet boy in your prayers ❤️ I love you my precious and perfect baby boy….to the ends of the earth. I will always be here to fight each battle with you.




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