My sweet precious boy,

Oh how you have proved to be such a warrior and a fighter. Since the beginning of my journey carrying you, I have been told many different and scary things. They wanted me to terminate you, this beautiful, treasured, strong and God sent life that is filled with such destiny and purpose. I remember the first time I was able to see you! You were so tiny but already perfect and beautiful to me. Baby, they talked as if you wouldn’t make it this far but you have fought hard and you have made it! I am so proud of you my little fighter. I am currently on bed rest in the hospital due to the fact that my water broke. They are telling me that I will meet you within 48 hours. But we need you to keep fighting and I know you will. Mommy is scared to a point, but baby you have fought so hard and I have no doubt you aren’t still fighting. I lay here awake in tears at the thought of meeting you. I have promised to pray for you daily and I have done just that! I am fighting for you my brave boy. Mommy and daddy are here for you every step of the way! And we know you will be strong. You are kicking me tonight a lot and I am cherishing every single one. I know it must be scary being taken from your safe place but I do promise to make my arms your safe place. I love you baby Jude! I love you so much. Keep up the fight my brave little warrior.


14 thoughts on “BRAVE LITTLE WARRIOR

  1. you’re already the most incredible mommy and daddy this beautiful boy could ever hope or dream for. you’re doing so incredible and I have you completely covered in prayer from the other side of the planet!!

  2. Continue to believe for Gods hand to be on baby Jude and his mama and daddy. God has something special in store for this mighty warrior……

  3. Tiffany told me about your story. I have a Jude. My water broke at 34 weeks during an event I was leading worship at. He came into the world six hours later. He spent only 10 days in NICU and let me tell you that boy is the love of my life. He is a constant light that points me to Jesus. I prayed for you when I found out about what was going on. There was definitely an immediate bond. He is now five. Hang on little momma.

  4. We have a miracle in our family that was not supposed to live for the hospital ride to the Children’s hospital. That was over 24 years ago. She has had her share of challenges over the years, but I have never seen my niece without a smile on her face. Have faith in God’s plan! No matter what Jude’s life is to be…he has a beautiful purpose in your lives. God will comfort you and carry you through all of this. We will pray for your family and know the angels are watching over all of you.

  5. I share a similar story with you. While pregnant with my first son, we were told that he had a lethal type of skeletal dysplasia and may not survive delivery. We prayed and prayed, like you. And what a blessing we received! Our son Seamus is now 8 years old and has achondroplasia. He is, in a word, amazing! We have been put on the most incredible journey filled with wonderful people all because of him. Sending prayers for your baby Jude!

  6. Praying for your family and precious baby boy! Your story is beautiful. Never stop fighting! He’s a precious gift from god.

  7. Hi Hannah! I just wanted to say I admire your strength and we’re all praying for little Jude! I myself am a little person with achondroplasia as well as my boyfriend and our little baby girl. If you’d like to ask me any questions regarding being little don’t hesitate to do so!! ❤

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